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I am a writer of several best-selling books on technology. I’ve been a college professor, technical trainer, course designer, technical writer, network nerd. Occasionally I write fiction (mainly fantasy) and read voraciously, especially about ancient and medieval history, science and technology, and whatever else strikes my eye as I wander around bookstores or browse online. I live in Arizona with my brilliant and beautiful wife Camille, way too many books, the perfect number of dogs, and two cats.

I didn’t want to make this another “book review” site. I can do that on Amazon or Goodreads. And Mark Zuckerberg has Facebook covered (he’s doing much the same as I am here, twice a month). I am not interested in assigning books stars. If a book is good enough to be published (I mainly read “traditionally published” works), then I assume it has attained a certain level of quality. As an author myself, I know there are always typos, and that reviews have only limited value is determining whether a book is useful or not to any particular person. I want to explore how what I read relates to other books, and my own mental processes.

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